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Szybka dostawa

Fast delivery

Thanks to the best system solutions you have a guarantee of delivery of parcels at the fastest possible time.

Globalny zasięg

Global reach

We guarantee a wide range of services around the world, constantly adapting to your needs.


A simple system

Thanks to the developed parcel sending system, you will quickly send your parcel in an easy and pleasant way.


Attractive terms of cooperation

By sending packages regularly you can count on attractive terms of cooperation, such as discounts and convenient payment methods.

Niezawodna obsługa

Professional service

If you have any doubts or questions, our team will be happy to help you by phone or email.

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The offer of services

We ship in Poland, to England, Germany, and to whatever any other place in the world you wish.

Characteristics of the parcel service

Characteristics of the pallet service

Bogata oferta usług

Simple price list

0kg - 5kg17.00zł50.00zł60.00zł
5kg - 10kg20.00zł60.00zł100.00zł
10kg - 20kg22.00zł70.00zł120.00zł
20kg - 30kg28.00zł140.00zł200.00zł
30kg - 40kg45.00zł200.00zł300.00zł
40kg - 50kg55.00zł400.00zł500.00zł
50kg - 60kg65.00zł500.00zł800.00zł
60kg - 70kg120.00zł600.00zł1000.00zł
70kg - 80kg150.00zł700.00zł1500.00zł
80kg - 90kg180.00zł800.00zł2000.00zł
90kg - 100kg200.00zł900.00zł2500.00zł
Every 1kg > 1005.00zł1000.00zł1000.00zł
Additional services
Return documents5.00zł5.00zł6.00zł